Eesti Laul 2021

A story about yearning to fly through passion, love, anger... or memories , possibilities, past and future relationships.
Sculptures of these relationships gather around the table to laugh, cry, fight, live and fly.
From acquittance to friends, to lovers, to...
Constant moving towards and away from each other. From unknown to known. From dull everyday to the beyond! “So high” @eesti_laul 2021.

Inbank 2020

Contemporary concept installation to bring a bit different atmosphere to your event..

Costumes by Utopia Entertainment and Tanel Veenre

Opening of PROTO invention museum

As a visual theatre troupe we love to have a new concept for every occasion. Group of steampunk-fantasy scientists find the secret formula for flying. Thank you PROTO inventions center for the opportunity. 

Director: Ingmar Jõela

Costumes by Utopia Entertainment

"A message in a bottle"

Our 3 acts of performance production. Find more info from our programe page, Utopia and Sex and the Sea. 

Its an revue and cabaret, music and dance performance with a story about loss and love, yearning and exploring. An adventure across the world and a journey back home. 

2 act power performance with our magnificent girls. A tribute to glamour that comes with women, an explosive travel through ages and styles of entertainment. 

From the 50s pinup to fierceness of today. Never stopping, always empowering. 

Sex and the Sea exhibition opening

Exhibition opening at Seaplane Harbour where we had an honour to produce a specially made cabaret performance inspired by the artist and works of the exhibition. Luxurious  dinner party combined with the stories of sailors and their dreams.

19 / 01 / 2019

Cirque de Vintage themed party to thank all of Magnum Medical team. Hosted and organised by OnePr. 

Stage show and program: Ingmar Jõela

Choreographers: Marleen Jõela, Ingmar Jõela

Dancers: Öösike Niit, Greta Raidma, Kadi Virnhoff, Liina Lehis, Marleen Jõela

01 / 12 / 2018

Colonna traditional gala held in Estonia Concert Hall was a part of a broader charity campaign organised by Colonna Charity Foundation and the Maternity Ward of the Central Hospital under the title “Help save a life!” 

Director: Ingmar Jõela

Choreographers: Marleen Jõela, Ingmar Jõela

Dancers: Öösike Niit, Greta Raidma, Kadi Virnhoff, Liisa Laine, Marleen Jõela



30   /   08   /   2018



03 / 11 / 2018          

Studio 54


22   /   07   /   2018

Kadriorg 300


01   /   12   /   2018

Colonna Charity Gala


26   /   10   /   2017

Äripäev 100


16 / 11 / 2018

PÖFF 2018